Alpha – FX and more FX!

Another two weeks have passed and Dimension Drive gets another Steam update. This time we concentrated on polish and art. A new enemy has been added and all the visual effects of the levels have been improved.

Hope you enjoy it!

Dimension Drive Alpha Build Changelog

* New visual FX for level 2-1
* New visual FX for level 2-2
* New visual FX for level 2-3
* New visual FX for level 2-4
* New Ashajul Blade enemy
* Player animation when entering/exiting a level

* New shield effect (shield only visible when getting hit)
* In level text now advances on button press.
* In level text animations updated.
* Enemy bullets splash updated.

* None

Known issues:
* Pausing in Inverse Drive will stuck the ship in inverse, hitting the Inverse Drive button again fixes it.
* Laser turrets may spawn more than once upon player respawn.
* Chromatic aberration may get stuck after dying, resetting the level will fix it.

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