Boss music and more streams!

/* Shoot the core while enjoying this */

Hey there,

Jose here again to talk a bit more about music! As I promised on my previous post, I’d like to talk a bit about the music for the boss fights, because every boss needs an epic music right? For the boss fight music, besides trying to make it very intense, I’m also playing around with the beat subdivision and with the time signatures. This means that instead of having regular accents, you’ll feel irregular or changing accents in the rhythm. For example, ¬†you’ll hear a 3+3+2 beat subdivision in most of the following track:

For other tracks I’m also planning on using different time signatures like 7/8 or 5/8 and also combining different time signatures to give the music a bit more of variety. I believe having this sort of irregular rhythm, gives a sense of struggle and urgency to the music that works really well in boss fights. I’ll be posting more music in the future so stay tuned.

Past live Streams!

Finally, in case you missed it we share below the last live streams we have been into. We joined our friends at Starr Mazer TV, the Space Game Junkie and the Average Giants super show at Indie Game Magazine. That’s a ton of footage! Hope you like it!

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