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Dimension Drive at AnimeCon 2015 and GameLab

/* Come and say hi! */ Hello everyone, We just wanted to give you a quick update today. We are now officially entering the last week of our Kickstarter, and we would love with your help to bring 2 player mode to Dimension Driveand even PS4. We had some controversy about why only PS4 and… Read more »

PlayStation 4 Stretch goal!

/* Big news today */ Hello everyone !, Within the team we are so excited today. As you may have realized we are almost half way there in the 2 player mode stretch goal with nothing else in the horizon. This has been in this way deliberately (we have plenty of extra fun that we would… Read more »

1000+ backers and horde mode unlocked !!!

/* Boss mode + Horde mode */ Dear everybody, We have crossed the 1000+ backers !!!. This happened yesterday night and this happened live, during our development live streaming. To celebrate it, David Jimenez danced (or at least he tried xDD). You can watch here the exact moment here … don’t be to tough with… Read more »

Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion cross-over madness is back !!!

/* FUNDED shoot’em up madness party */ Hello everybody !!! It has been an exhausting 12h for the Dimension Drive team. But we have decided that the party is not over yet 🙂 From this moment until Saturday at 00:00 CET (only 72 hours!) we have a super sweet partnership going on with our friends from… Read more »

Stretch goals incoming!

/* Next steps to make the game even more awesome */ Hi all, As you probably know by now, we reached our funding goal last night (in case you missed it, check this update) !!! Now, we would like to explain where we go from here. What are the next steps to make Dimension Drive… Read more »


/* 102% FUNDED OUUUUYEAHHHHH */ Hi all, The Dimension Drive team is happy to announce that we have reached our funding goal. We could not have done this without your help and never will thank you enough for all your support! Thank you ver….. WHAT …. but man… stop being sooooo boring, this is a… Read more »

Boss music and meet Jose Mora

/* Shoot the core while enjoying this */ Boss Music Hey there, Jose here to talk a bit about music!. I’d like to talk today a bit about the boss fights music, because every boss needs an epic music right? For the boss fight music, besides trying to make it very intense, I’m also playing… Read more »

Live at IndieHeaven and Antihype podcast

/* A bit of Dimension Drive streaming / podcast */ Today we would like to share some podcast were Dimension Drive either has been or will be soon. We will be at the next Indiehaven podcast talking about Dimension Drive. For our Spanish or Spanish speaking backers we were yesterday night at antihype a Spanish podcast were we… Read more »

90% funded!!!

/* The light at the end of the tunnel */ Hi all! Today we want to share our happiness with you, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You made us reach 90% funding and Dimension Drive is getting closer to becoming reality. Please keep helping, we updated the main… Read more »

Dual level design – Meet David Jimenez

/* Twice the work = twice the fun! */ Hey everyone, I’m David Jimenez, Lead Game Designer for Dimension Drive and today I want to talk to you about how we go about designing levels. Instead of boring you too much with a big pile of text, I’ll be brief and then point you to… Read more »