Defense prototype, Sound Fx and better cut-scenes

/* Defend the multiverse! */

Hi all,

We are getting really close to start distributing closed alphas through Steam. We have actually started testing this internally first. We will let you know in the next update when the keys are starting to be sent. But before getting to that we wanted to give a very quick update on the status of development.

Since the last update we have been working on several fronts. We have started the prototype of our first defense level in order to check that our design concept is solid. If you remember in these levels enemies will attack in waves limited by a timer. In order to progress to the next wave you’ll have to clear all (or almost all) enemies in the wave on both sides!

Defense prototype

At the same time we have been improving the sound fx system. We are moving to setup were each enemy will have its own sounds. Also, we are experimenting with adding sound effects for actions of the Manticore like banking, moving forward, getting close to asteroids. We hope in the next build we can “show” you these new sounds. Besides working on sound we are also working on improving the visual feedback for the different elements of the game.

Finally, the dialogue in the cut-scenes will progress at your own reading pace instead of the timed system we had in Alpha

Dialog system

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