Say welcome to Munise!

/* Here comes a new challenger */

Hi awesome people!

As you have seen we are progressing towards the game we promised to deliver you at a good pace. We are delivering updates every 2 weeks on steam to all alpha access backers and we hope to open this to all backers as soon as we have a more stable build (we think this is going to be very soon).



For that to happen we want to have the story of the levels that are in the current build be at least at the same state of polish as the rest of the game. We have been a bit behind on this and we can finally announce what was the reason. Unfortunately, Sergi Cardo, our illustration artist and creator of Jack, has had to leave us as personal reasons (moving to another country) clash with the schedule we have for the game. In these past months we have been looking for somebody that could pick up his mantle and we are happy to say we found her!



Munise Sertel – @munisesertel

Concept Artist & Illustration

Munise started to draw from an early age and still enjoys it. During her studies she learned all about 3D creation for games and worked on titles such as Overwatch and Halo 5 with concept support and 3D assets. Since the end of 2015 she decided to freelance. She gives the game’s narrative a face by illustrating the characters and stories of the Dimension Drive Universe.

Munise has been working with already for a couple of months and she has made impressive progress. Check out the “family” picture at the top of this post of all the characters in the game she has done. We can’t wait to start adding her awesome art to the game! As usual feel free to leave us any comment here or in our social networks 😀



YES, so much , yes! Look at this:

Our first time at USA showcasing Dimension Drive couldn’t have been better. We are so hyped to have received this award. And all thanks to all of you, yes, you, all the backers and people that believe in us to make this the best game we can!

Besides the price the event itself was great, we definitely recommend it to other developers. We had very good feedback and we met some people we knew only through Internet, like the awesome Kintinue! For real, she’s awesome and you should check her Twitch channel.


We also got to play many other games over there that were super fun and met amazing teams that put their heart and soul into this like we do. Being in the US we were hoping to have the opportunity to talk in person for the first time to US press. We want to thank Atlanta IGDA for organizing the press event it was fantastic!

Want to know what Destructoid thoughts are on our alpha?

I’m really glad the troubled Dimension Drive got back on track – Because it’s pretty good

So, all in all we came back to Europe even more committed to deliver you the best game we can craft!!!

Get Dimension Drive at MomoCon and win a TV!

Yeah, you read that right, we are so happy about the news of our first showcase in the USA that we decided to celebrate it in the craziest way we could think of! Come visit us at Momocon, buy Dimension Drive at the showfloor and you may be the winner of a Full HD 40″ TV.




We will be at the Momocon Game Hall booth IG10 (Hall A1 of Georgia World Congress Center). What are the rules? Simple:

  1. 1) Buy the game directly from us at the showfloor of Momocon.
  2. 2) Sunday at 14:00h (EDT) we will pick a winner randomly among all the people that buy the game until that moment.
  3. 3) In case of a no show, 2Awesome Studio team reserves the right to decide at their own discretion the winner.

Wait! There is more! Do you want to win a t-shirt and a Steam key of Dimension Drive that will grant you direct access to the game? Enter our tournament:

    • 1) Play and successfully finish level 1-2 in Hard mode.
    • 2) We will note the highest score of each day.
    • 3) Sunday at 14:00h (EDT) the highest score among all days will win the prize.
    • 4) In case of a draw, or a no show, 2Awesome Studio team reserves the right to decide at their own discretion the winner.
  1. 20160524_183339-01 (1) 20160524_184319-01 (1)

Indievelopment 2016

/* 2 player co-op! */

Hello awesome people,

David here, last 23rd of May I had the opportunity to attend Indievelopment 2016. For those of you that don’t know Indievelopment it’s a game conference that is focused on indie developers, it has talks and a showcase area. I showcased Dimension Drive over there and I also gave a talk about Kickstarter based on our experience (I’ll write a post some time soon about that).

It was really nice as I got to see several indie developers from the Netherlands that I hadn’t seen for quite some time. The awesome Hans Dunnik from Sneaky Mammoth gave me a hand manning the booth, thanks for that!


The awesome Hans Dunnik

This was the first time we tested 2 player co-op and it was great to see players reacting to it. Long story short, we took a very risky approach with its design and we weren’t sure if it was going to work or not. But, it worked, and people loved it! As we are making players really cooperate (if one of them dies the whole team dies) we see a lot of talk and rage between friends when one of them fails 😛

Man, don't die!

Man, don’t die!


Dimension Drive goes to China!

/* FUZE */

Hi awesome people!


What’s Alejandro doing in a theater in China? Attend the Fuze console launch event. Why? Because Dimension Drive will be published in China thanks to our partnering with them! YAY!!! 😀

After many months of keeping this in the dark we can finally announce it. The F1 is a new console developed by Fuze for the Chinese market and Dimension Drive will be available for it. If you want to read more about it you can go here or if you are able to read Chinese here.

We want to thank our partners at Fuze for believing in our game and giving us the opportunity to put in front of one of the biggest markets in the world. It was an incredible experience to visit China and attend their great launch event. We wish the best of luck and success to our partners at Fuze and the Tomahawk F1 console. From our side we will keep doing our best to deliver a great game.


Alpha – FX and more FX!

Another two weeks have passed and Dimension Drive gets another Steam update. This time we concentrated on polish and art. A new enemy has been added and all the visual effects of the levels have been improved.

Hope you enjoy it!

Dimension Drive Alpha Build Changelog

* New visual FX for level 2-1
* New visual FX for level 2-2
* New visual FX for level 2-3
* New visual FX for level 2-4
* New Ashajul Blade enemy
* Player animation when entering/exiting a level

* New shield effect (shield only visible when getting hit)
* In level text now advances on button press.
* In level text animations updated.
* Enemy bullets splash updated.

* None

Known issues:
* Pausing in Inverse Drive will stuck the ship in inverse, hitting the Inverse Drive button again fixes it.
* Laser turrets may spawn more than once upon player respawn.
* Chromatic aberration may get stuck after dying, resetting the level will fix it.

Dimension Drive Steam closed Alpha

/* Happy new year! */

Hi awesome people!

First of all, happy new year and our best wishes for you and your families for 2016! To make this holiday season even more awesome, if you backed our Kickstarter at the Drive Engineer tier or above you will receive next week an email with instructions to redeem your Dimension DriveSteam Key! If for any reason you don’t receive your key in the next days please contact us.

It would be fantastic if you can play Dimension Drive on Steam regularly as we push updates and give us any feedback you may have using Dimension Drive’s Steam forum. We want to make the best game we can together with you! You can see all the updates we have done at the end of this post in the Alpha build change-log.

/* Dimension Drive coming in 2016 */

While it is true that we originally planned to release Dimension Drive in 2015, Dimension Drive is now slated for a 2016 release. We already have a solid game but we feel we can do much better and much more. Unfortunately, for that we simply need more time.

Thanks to all of you and all the stretch goals  you helped us reach, Dimension Drive will be a bigger and better game than we planned. However, this extra features are taking us longer to implement. Besides that, there are other really exciting news that for the moment we can’t disclose that have also added more work.

We have just released early access to our alphas and betas through Steam to all backers that pledged for this. In few months we hope to provide access to the game to all backers.

/* Alpha build BIG change-log */



  • Teleport Intro before levels (see animation above)
  • Dialog system for cut-scenes
  • Pickups sound effects
  • Checkpoints sound effects
  • Bullet impacts sound effects
  • Menu elements sound effects
  • Manticore lateral and back thrusters effects
  • Bullet impacts effects
  • Enemies flash on impact
  • Support for more than 50 gamepads (see full list here)


  • Engine update to Unity 5.3.0
  • Complete rework of the scenes setup (better performance)
  • Manticore shield effect
  • Player bullets art and animation
  • More awesome


  • Solved issue “Cutscenes do not play after completing levels”
  • Solved issue “Game freezes! Black screen after level 1-4”
  • Solved issue “Checkpoint still possible to cross after dying”
  • Solved issue “Player bullets not despawned “
  • Solved issue “Level report doesn’t show”
  • Solved issue “Main menu only works at 1080p”
  • Solved issue “Mission report shows TDD text and wrong build num”
  • Solved issue “Player does NOT collide in 1-4”
  • Solved issue “Game freezes in blinds after level report”
  • Solved issue “Manticore Thrusters still work on player-respawn”
  • Solved issue “Menus, HUD and other UI elements not scaling”
  • Solved issue “Aiming enemies aim at you even if not in the same side”
  • Solved issue “Continue button does not show in Level report”
  • Solved issue “FlashOnImpact might not be working”
  • Solved issue “Continue bug in Pause menu”
  • Solved issue “Weapon power up does not work in level 1-3”
  • Solved issue “Pressing continue in Pause menu makes you teleport”
  • Solved issue “Getting killed in Inverse = respawn in Inverse”

Known issues:

  • Build crashes on certain Slackware Linux distros
  • Resolutions that are not 16:9 not working
  • Player movement speed reduced in slow computers
  • Text in window blinds does not scale with resolution

Defense prototype, Sound Fx and better cut-scenes

/* Defend the multiverse! */

Hi all,

We are getting really close to start distributing closed alphas through Steam. We have actually started testing this internally first. We will let you know in the next update when the keys are starting to be sent. But before getting to that we wanted to give a very quick update on the status of development.

Since the last update we have been working on several fronts. We have started the prototype of our first defense level in order to check that our design concept is solid. If you remember in these levels enemies will attack in waves limited by a timer. In order to progress to the next wave you’ll have to clear all (or almost all) enemies in the wave on both sides!

Defense prototype

At the same time we have been improving the sound fx system. We are moving to setup were each enemy will have its own sounds. Also, we are experimenting with adding sound effects for actions of the Manticore like banking, moving forward, getting close to asteroids. We hope in the next build we can “show” you these new sounds. Besides working on sound we are also working on improving the visual feedback for the different elements of the game.

Finally, the dialogue in the cut-scenes will progress at your own reading pace instead of the timed system we had in Alpha

Dialog system

Madrid Games Week 2015

At the beginning of October we went to show Dimension Drive at Madrid Games Week. As a Dutch-Spanish indie development studio we decided that was a good idea to go there and show the game to our Spanish players / backers. And also meet a lot of other indie studios (and some really cool guys from the press).

Once more David & Alejandro draw who was the lucky one travelling to Madrid …. and I won one more time !!! I’m starting to feel as the showcase man in the studio 🙂 I really enjoy travelling around the world, showing Dimension Drive to new players and meeting lots of people.

Let me show you some pictures of how it went in Madrid and all the cool people I meet there. For sure next year we are going to repeat in Madrid. The experience was incredible.

Everything started with a huge delay in Rotterdam airport. Apparently a plane had a problem in the middle of the runway, blocking all landing and take off operations. One of our backers made a drawing that summarizes perfectly those waiting hours:


So after all, we had to fly from Amsterdam, as they coulnd’t fix the problem at Rotterdam airport. I ended up going to bed around 5AM … and next day around 10AM everything was ready to start the show… Let’s rock !!! (and the first players started to pop in):


One of the days, we had some environmental problem, but I promise that I was taking a shower every day!!!!


A really nice unicorn came to play and say hello 🙂 (yeah you read that correctly, even a unicorn played Dimension Drive):


There was some really cool stands… but above all I would like to show you this one… I LOVED IT !!! “May the force be with you Jackelyne Tywood in your fight against the Ashajuls” !!!


As some of you might know, we had a small contest during Madrid Games week. We were giving away one free copy of dimension Drive every day to the highscore player in level 1-4. As you can see, we had some players trying really hard to win a free copy of Dimension Drive 😛


The last day, just before the show ended, I even had the time to try the Big Ben Assassin’s Creed jump together with @SoniaRCaste !!!


As you can see, it was really fun meeting some of you there. It’s always a pleasure to show Dimension Drive to new players, and gather more feedback about the game. Also meeting some cool indies was really nice to see how the Spanish indie scene has such amazing games. Last but not least important, meeting some of the press that wrote about Dimension Drive in the past this time in person was also nice 😉

I’ll keep you posted about any new travel plans we will have at 2Awesome Studio.

Tokio Game Show 2015

Dimension Drive, as you might know already, was selected to be showcased at Tokyo Game Show as part of the Holland Pavilion. So David and myself draw in order to decide who was the lucky one going all the way to Tokyo …. and I was the winner !!!!

So I packed everything for the show (computer, flyers, stickers, buttons, …) and flew all over the world to attend Tokyo Game Show 2015. It was my first time in Asia and the Tokyo Game Show and it was… well amazing !!!


We were quite lucky and our booth was just across the hall from the Street fighter V (I was a big fan when I was younger). Let me show you how our little spot looked the first day before we  the show started, and our location:

IMG_3200 IMG_3283

Among all that craziness we even have time to meet one of our backers. Amazing to talk and meet you in person, when we have the opportunity :








Saturday and Sunday were really crazy days, with around 300.000 visitors. The cue to enter the show before they opened doors on Saturday was all around the main building. Let me show you how busy was our hall during those 2 days:


There were a lot of queues to play all games during the show… even Dimension Drive 🙂 like in the good old arcade days were all kids waited in line while another one was playing:



Let me show you also some other cool stands there (some of them were really amazing):



Finally I got the opportunity to do some sightseeing the last day before coming back. As a good geek, I went to Akiba where I find so many cool things, including a second hand Dreamcast and a lot of games for my PSVita (among so many other things):

IMG_3296  IMG_3292


IMG_3289 IMG_3126


It was a great experience and we definitely hope to come back next year !!!