Last 48 hours… Starr Mazer Cross-over!

/* Brick comes to the rescue…sort of… */

Hi folks!

In a little while we will enter the last 48 hours of craziness and we still need a ton of help to reach those stretch goals. Shut up and tell me about that image above, right? Let’s do that! Some of you have been asking for this and some hints here and there appeared on twitter but we can finally confirm it’s happening. Dimension Drive and Starr Mazer will cross-over!

Jack’s been flying too close to an inter-dimensional nexus trying to defend it and avoid that the Ashajuls cross it in huge numbers. But around these universal anomalies anything can happen. In some weird way Jack and Brick and interconnected through the nexus and they are swapping places. What’s Brick doing piloting The Manticore? Now, Jack is in The Starr Wolf? Did she grab it at the Holloway-Exeter station? This is a hairy situation and our heroes will have to join forces.Play as Jack, play as Brick, pilot both ships…in a single level! Will V.E.R.A. vent Brick into space for being too much… you know… Brick?

And that’s not everything… check out what will happen to Jack and Brick on the other side… you know in Starr Mazer! Who wants some point-and-click with Jack and Brick doing some spacey things, together!?


/* Shout to the heavens (in all dimensions) in these last hours */

Hope you like this news, now more than ever please help us spread the word in these last ours. Some ways you can help us reach those stretch goals:

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The art style of Dimension Drive – Meet Max Heyder

/* Comicbooks, cool lighting and color */

Hi folks,

Max reporting! What was that? You wanna hear about the game art? Well, luckily for you, you asked the right person. What are we waiting, for, let us go through the process behind the art style of Dimension Drive. When I first got in touch with David, before starting to work on Dimension Drive, him and Alejandro were looking for a game artist to pimp the good old prototype they had. (No offense guys, but it was…unique 😛 ) The task was clear: come up with a style, so I created some mockups about my vision for the visual feel of the game. They loved how colorful it looked and also the shapes and color schemes of the enemies looked like a good start.

In my next mockup I tried something different., more unique, and went for a pure comic book style.(It is still one of my favorite concepts I did for the game) When I showed this mockup, David was really happy: “WE NEED THESE EXPLOSIONS!” he stated. He did not like the monochrome look, so I decided to combine both and create a mix: comic styled textures and an overall colorful style for the game.

A lot of work went into concepting ship shapes and environments. Starting from basic hand drawn concepts to nail the top view shapes and then moving on to modelling and finally texturing. Not all of the concepts were spot on, so I had to re-iterate. In the first series of concepts I went for too terran ship designs and had to scrap some of them entirely.

After we agreed on the first batch, I started blocking out the basic shapes and prepared everything for texturing.

I tried to keep things simple as most details won’t be noticeable in the game due to their size. I decided to at least add some details for possible closeups and promo shots.

Lighting for the effects (bullets, explosions…) against the environment was used in the previous prototype of Dimension Drive (before I joined the project) and it was one things that Alejandro and David wanted to retain. So, I combined 2D and 3D elements with cel-shading to achieve that effect while keeping this new vibrant comicbook visual style. That is when I went a bit bonkers with 3D. While this iteration looks really nice(that coming from a perfectionist), the polycount is way too high and started causing lag. The workflow is also way too time consuming and complex, so it might not be the most clever workflow for a 1-person game art squadron.

In the next iterations you will see a return towards more stylized and hand-painted textures on meshes with less polygons while still focusing on depth, readability and the praised comic style. Moving forward I plan to continue improving the visual style of Dimension Drive keeping this full color comicbook with lightning philosophy(soo hard). It will be crucial to think about optimizing the game’s content to run smoothly on as many machines as possible. It will be a tough balance and some decisions have to be made, even though other solutions might look a bit better. Together, we will work our asses off to bring you the nicest looking Dimension Drive possible. Hope you liked this behind the scenes on how the visual style of Dimension Drive started from concept until what is now and what it may become. I would love to hear your thoughts, please leave me any suggestions or feedback you have in the comments 🙂

Meet Max Heyder

1. Tell us a bit about you :  

You may have read it before, but my name is Max Heyder and I am a Game Artist and Game Developer. 😀

2. What brought you to the Dimension Drive project?

A funny coincidence actually. I was looking for jobs at that time and thanks to my work on Trailblaze, I have been introduced to a Skype Indie Developer Group (Thanks so much for adding me there Lisa). Due to the sheer amount of messages there, I don’t usually keep track of it but when David posted that they were looking for a Game Artist, I just happened to see it, got in touch, showed my portfolio, made a mockup and the rest is history 🙂

3. What part of Dimension Drive are you most excited about?

Seeing(and playing) the final product that Dimension Drive will become. The beginning of a project is always exciting. Lots of creative work, many fundamental decisions, everything is new and fresh. And still in that part of production, it is hard to imagine how the final product will feel like. You hear music tracks, see the first cut-scenes, trailers, play the first levels and everything is super exciting on its own. But once you see everything put together, it actually becomes a real game. This is the part I am most excited about my work on Dimension Drive. As for the game: the boss fights! I cannot wait for the boss fights!

4. What do you do in Dimension Drive?

I am the Lead Game Artist and responsible for the ship designs, the backgrounds and the overall visual style of the game. So far I drew 2D concepts for ships, bosses and the environment, made some promo art, modeled and textured 3D ships and props, programmed shaders and some editor extensions to improve our workflow. I also assemble the visual part of each level in Unity, making sure it looks nice, runs smoothly and doesn’t distract too much from the main action while being beautiful to look at. This and play-testing…lots. Gotta make sure the levels look good at every position.

5. What’s your favorite game? What are you playing the most right now?

Tough Question: I do not have THE favorite game. I have a bunch of faves that all have their own identity and are hard to compare with one another. Some of my all time favorites are: CIV CTP+3, Black and White 2, Age of Empires 2, Banner Saga, Dofus, Minecraft, Settlers 3, Zelda Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask and Dungeon Siege 1. The game I am playing the most right now is the Witcher 3, though I only play it to reward myself after a hard day of work. As an honorable mention, I have to add “The Darkest Dungeon” brilliant art style and game design!

6. If you could ask our community one question, what would it be?

Would you like to see more games from 2Awesome Studio covering the world of Dimension Drive and the story of Jack?

Dimension Drive Alpha build 640

/* New alpha demo and some Animecon pics */

Hi all,

We’ve been working really hard over the last days to bring you this: a new alpha demo. Including a full extra level with a new mechanic, the inverse drive! You’ll be able to try it out in Level 2-4. Whenever you press the left bumper button The Manticore will rotate, the scroll speed will slow down and you’ll be able to shoot the enemies at your tail.


Also check out the new doors and switches that will block your way.

You can dowload it from Gamejolt as usual:

Today as you know we’ve been showcasing this new version at AnimeCon. We had lots of fun there and thanks to everybody that showed up we managed to polish (to some extent, it’s still an alpha so expect bugs) this new demo directly on the spot.

Dimension Drive at AnimeCon 2015 and GameLab

/* Come and say hi! */

Hello everyone,

We just wanted to give you a quick update today. We are now officially entering the last week of our Kickstarter, and we would love with your help to bring 2 player mode to Dimension Driveand even PS4. We had some controversy about why only PS4 and not other platforms, so please read below for our explanation 🙂

Also we wanted to let you  know that Alejandro and David will be showcasing Dimension Drivethis Saturday in The Hague (AnimeCon 2015) and at the end of June in Barcelona (GameLab). If you happen to be around pass by and play the latest build we have been working on lately and check the new mechanic (Inverse Drive) before we make it public.

AnimeCon 2015 (13th June) – The Hague

Alejandro and David will be showcasing Dimension Drive at Animecon, the largest and longest running festival in the Netherlands for fans of Asian games, movies, comics, food and other popular culture. Of course developing a shoot’em up with new mechanics we couldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase our game at this festival. We would be showcasing Saturday the 13th of June from 10 AM to 6 PM CET.

GameLab 2015 (24-26th June) – Barcelona

Alejandro will be showcasing Dimension Drive at the GameLab in Barcelona ( June 24-26th). A conference in Alejandro’s and David’s hometown… could not happen without Dimension Drive showcasing. We will be part of the indie hub, so don’t hesitate if you are there, pass by and talk to us, play the game with us and help us win the 2015 Indie Award 🙂

Would you happen to be around on those conferences? Please give us a visit, playDimension Drive …  and if you are a backer… we will have a little surprise for you 🙂 + you will be playing the new alpha build we are preparing.

PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U vs …

Some of you have been asking why we only announced a PS4 stretch goal and not for example one together with PS4 and Xbox One or if we have plans for other consoles. Let us clarify a bit about this point. We are not in favor of one platform or the other. Actually we would love to see Dimension Drive in as many platforms as possible. We are working hard with the platform owners in order to get Dimension Drive on their platforms. But right now we only have the approval of Sony.

PlayStation 4 Stretch goal!

/* Big news today */

Hello everyone !,

Within the team we are so excited today. As you may have realized we are almost half way there in the 2 player mode stretch goal with nothing else in the horizon. This has been in this way deliberately (we have plenty of extra fun that we would love to bring into Dimension Drive :P) while we were waiting for some news. There have been some whispers about PS4 and other console platforms going around. Well… we are finally able to announce this officially. We are now Sony Playstation Partner and with the proper funding we will be able to developDimension Drive for Playstation 4!

If we manage to secure 6000€ extra funding we will be bringing Dimension Drive to Playstation 4. The whole team is extremely happy to finally be able to share this news, as bringing Dimension Drive to as many platforms as possible is one of our dreams.


Hope you like this news and you help us reach this console version, with 8 days left in our campaign and all your support we can still make it.

/* What about other consoles? */

We are not able to announce other console ports just yet until we get confirmation from the respective platform owners. We are still working on that and we hope we can bring some more news on this soon.

Inverse Drive close to playable!

/* New mechanic that will come in a new demo soon! */

During the last campaign we came up with a new mechanic, called Inverse Drive. For those of you that were already backers just know that we have kept working on it and we hope to release a new demo with it very soon. For those of you that are new, read on!

Why do spaceships always fly forward? Doesn’t make too much sense… so we went ahead and we fixed it. When you progress in the game you’ll be able to unlock a new ability for The Manticore, the Inverse Drive! Imagine you are flying about, looking cool shooting down some pesky Ashajuls, but you missed some. They are flying away, and suddenly you hit a button, The Manticore turns around, the thrusters slow down and you can shoot them down and chase them! Look how it looks in this early video:

/* Live development */

Work on Dimension Drive continues! This week we have been mostly working on fixing some bugs, tweaking some things regarding how the score counter works and the energy concept. Besides that the work went also into finishing a new level for you to try out the Inverse Drive. Check below some videos of live development.

Alejandro doing some magic behind the scenes:

David showing how we are designing this new level:

Last but not least important … brace yourselves … exciting news are coming (tomorrow). 

1000+ backers and horde mode unlocked !!!

/* Boss mode + Horde mode */

Dear everybody,

We have crossed the 1000+ backers !!!. This happened yesterday night and this happened live, during our development live streaming. To celebrate it, David Jimenez danced (or at least he tried xDD). You can watch here the exact moment here … don’t be to tough with him, he is a great game designer … but dancing is just not his thing xDDD.

Also we have unlocked Boss and Horde modes. YES !!! 2 new game modes to add more fun into Dimension Drive. We are making this happen all together, so thank you all for your help and support !!!

In boss mode, after finishing the game for the first time, you will be able to play a new level with all boss fights one after the other in one go. Would you have what it takes for this new challenge?

In horde mode you will be able to play against an infinite level to beat your high-score and be the hero we all will cheer for in the online leader-boards. You + the Manticore against the Ashajuls (all of them I would say xD).

Delfo Pinto has made the following quick art to celebrate that we have unlocked the horde mode:

We are now working towards unlocking the local co-op and PVP modes. We think that having fun with your buddies is as important as playing solo ( with or against them xD ). Let’s try to make it happen all together 🙂 !!!.

Last but not least important, we are cooking some new stretch goals ( many of you already asked for consoles support … ), and we hope to announce them reeaaaally sooon, but we will have to wait a bit longer.

Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion cross-over madness is back !!!

/* FUNDED shoot’em up madness party */

Hello everybody !!!

It has been an exhausting 12h for the Dimension Drive team. But we have decided that the party is not over yet 🙂

From this moment until Saturday at 00:00 CET (only 72 hours!) we have a super sweet partnership going on with our friends from Roche Fusion.For all of you coming from our old campaign, this deal works exactly the same as last time :). Roche Fusion is a retro, over the top space shooter. An all you can shoot buffet; fast paced and procedurally generated; with crazy waves of enemies, awesome upgrades and wicked boss-fights! Also: Explosions. Lots of explosions.

You can get it on Steam right now for 12 bucks or you can up your pledge by only 4€ and you’ll get a Steam key as soon as the Kickstarter is successfully finished. That’s right, you can start playing it in less than 2 weeks!

How does this work:

1) Click the “Manage your pledge” button on the top of this page.

2) Increase your pledge by 4€

3) Save your pledge. Don’t change the tier that you originally pledged at.

Are you a NEW backer and also want a copy of Roche Fusion just back a the tier you want (12€ and above only) and add 4€ extra (only one Roche Fusion copy per backer).

/* Bring a friend to back us and you get it for free !!! */

What ? Free ? Yes that is correct free. Bring us a new backer (only 12€ tier and above) an we will give you RocheFusion for free. But not only that, we will give you the 3 Manticore skins (for more info check the add-on store) also for free. Just like that. Because we love you and we really appreciate your efforts spreading the word about Dimension Drive.

How does this crazy free stuff work:

1) Bring a new backer during this 72h period, let’s call this new backer, BACKER B that meets the following requirements:

  • Must not have pledged at Dimension Drive before (this campaign).
  • Must pledge at 12€ reward tier or above.
  • Can’t cancel or decrease below 12€ the pledge before the campaign ends.

2) After backing Dimension Drive, BACKER B will have to send us a private message indicating your user name here at Kickstarter.

3) When the campaign ends (and it’s successfully funded), in the survey we will send BACKER A (you), please tell us that you have brought BACKER B, and that you should get the free copy of RocheFusion and the Manticore skins.

And that’s it, if everything is correct, you’ll get a Steam key of RocheFusion as soon as the Kickstarter is successfully finished and the Manticore skins when Dimension Drive is released together with your copy.

 /* First stretch goal … achieved */

In the first hours after being funded we already got you all the boss mode. You will be able to test your toughness fighting against all bosses in one go.

We are now almost half way there to create an endless mode (procedural) where you will never be able to save the universe … but you will get amazing scores and compete in the online leader-boards to be the best Manticore pilot ever.

Thank you all for believing in us !!!

The Dimension Drive team

Stretch goals incoming!

/* Next steps to make the game even more awesome */

Hi all,

As you probably know by now, we reached our funding goal last night (in case you missed it, check this update) !!!

Now, we would like to explain where we go from here. What are the next steps to make Dimension Drive an awesome game ( or should we say even more !!! ). Let us show you then the first stretch goals:

Let’s get in detail about what will include each new stretch goal

  • Boss Mode: If we raise 31000€ we will create a new game mode, called Boss Mode, where after finishing the game the first time, you will be able to play all bosses battles in one go, yes you read right, all of them in one go! We are actually really close already to this one 🙂
  • Procedural: If we raise  33000€ we will create an endless mode. Yes, endless .. so no matter how good you are … you will never be able to save the universe … but you will get amazing scores and compete in the online leader-boards to be the best Manticore pilot ever.
  • 2 Player Mode: If we raise extra 36000€ local multi-player will be added to the game. Play the story mode in co-op with your buddy (or just hardcore style, with both controllers if you are crazy enough). A PVP mode will be unlocked in the procedural mode, where you will be playing against the Ashajuls… and against the second player (or yourself, depending on how hardcore you are :P)

And those are the first 3 stretch goals we have planed … we have some other things in the oven and we hope we can officially announce them soon :).



Hi all,

The Dimension Drive team is happy to announce that we have reached our funding goal. We could not have done this without your help and never will thank you enough for all your support!

Thank you ver….. WHAT …. but man… stop being sooooo boring, this is a party !!!!!!!! (check down for what is next)

We love you all so much 🙂 !!!!!!!!

/* So where do we go from here?  */

Stretch Goals !!! This is just the beginning, we have tons of really fun stuff planned throughout this campaign. But for now, let’s just take a few minutes to enjoy this moment. We will send another update later on explaining them clearly!