Inverse Drive!

/* What did we do this weekend? New mechanic! */

Why do spaceships always fly forward? Doesn’t make too much sense… so we went ahead and we fixed it this last weekend. When you progress in the game you’ll be able to unlock a new ability for The Manticore, the Inverse Drive! Imagine you are flying about, looking cool shooting down some pesky Ashajuls, but you missed some. They are flying away, and suddenly you hit a button, The Manticore turns around, the thrusters slow down and you can shoot them down and chase them! Look how it looks in this early video:

We streamed the whole process of creation of this new mechanic on our Twitch. But in case you missed it, we have it now on youtube. Check this long playlist for a full weekend of of LIVE development. We did game design, coding and we had lots of fun with everybody that joined us. Alejandro even shared some jokes, check it out:

We are entering the last hours and we crossed already the 50% funding even if it is a reason to celebrate it might have arrived a bit late. We don’t lose hope yet, as we deeply beleive that is still possible to give Dimension Drive the funding it deserves. Please keep supporting us and spreading the word in these final days. We may still make it if we all make enough noise. Thanks for believing in Dimension Drive!!!

Drifting Lands Crossover!

Hi folks,

We know you liked that Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion crossed over (by the way you can still get Roche Fusion for only 8€ extra). So, we are doing it again this time with the cool guys atAlkemi and their incredible Drifting Lands. Drifting Lands is an hybrid shmup / hack & slash currently in a free alpha stage available on Steam. In her multidimensional quest Jack will chase those pesky Ashajuls into the Drifting Lands planet!

Drifting Lands takes place in the skies of a shattered planet. Centuries ago a huge cataclysm fragmented and froze this world in a state of partial disintegration. Powerful and mysterious gravitational anomalies keep the huge chunks of rock from drifting away in space or collapsing into a single body. And now Jack will have to manouver and teleport through all those huge and unstable chunks of rock while obliterating Ashajuls every Ashajul on her path!

With Dimension Drive and Drifting Lands free alphas you have plenty of shooting action and now with this crossover even more in the near future!

Boss music and more streams!

/* Shoot the core while enjoying this */

Hey there,

Jose here again to talk a bit more about music! As I promised on my previous post, I’d like to talk a bit about the music for the boss fights, because every boss needs an epic music right? For the boss fight music, besides trying to make it very intense, I’m also playing around with the beat subdivision and with the time signatures. This means that instead of having regular accents, you’ll feel irregular or changing accents in the rhythm. For example,  you’ll hear a 3+3+2 beat subdivision in most of the following track:

For other tracks I’m also planning on using different time signatures like 7/8 or 5/8 and also combining different time signatures to give the music a bit more of variety. I believe having this sort of irregular rhythm, gives a sense of struggle and urgency to the music that works really well in boss fights. I’ll be posting more music in the future so stay tuned.

Past live Streams!

Finally, in case you missed it we share below the last live streams we have been into. We joined our friends at Starr Mazer TV, the Space Game Junkie and the Average Giants super show at Indie Game Magazine. That’s a ton of footage! Hope you like it!

Creating a Jack

There’s been a lot of talk recently around the role of women in games and in the industry. Some have criticized the lack of female characters or the portrayal of these characters in videogames, Anita Sarkeesian being probably the most vocal and visible one. Questions like: why are female characters more often than not depicted in oversexualized form, or why are they reduced to secondary support characters are very common. It has even been questioned if male designers are able to create a female character that doesn’t look like coming straight from an adult magazine. The most recent example can be seen when Square Enix had to defend the design of Cindy.

Cindy in Final Fantasy XV – My mechanic doesn’t look like this.

The design of the main character in a game is often a marketing decision rather than a design or artistic one. AAA studios need to create characters that sell, apparently that often means a badass male hero or an oversexualized female one. Indie studios aren’t bound by these constraints. Don’t get me wrong, we do want to sell, but we want to do it making a game that fits our artistic vision not something designed based on the outputs of a market analysis.

When we started developing the story of Dimension Drive and defining the lead character we decided to make it a woman. Some people ask us why? A simple answer would be “why not?”. A longer answer would be that a woman fits the story and the plot elements we want to explore. Without spoiling too much, let’s just say that we want to tackle certain family relations and feelings that need the lead character to be a woman. We are an all male team and we are creating a female character that will not resort to oversexualization.

Sergi Cardo (our illustrator) was tasked with the design and art style of Jackelyne (a.k.a. Jack). We discussed with Sergi the story of Dimension Drive, we gave him plenty of inputs on Jack’s traits and character and provided him with examples of other female characters for reference. Jack is supposed to be a mix between a space pilot and a fighter. She’s the last survivor of her race that has been obliterated by these cruel multidimensional aliens. She’s strong, cunning, intelligent and in a quest for revenge. This is the first concept of Jack based on all our inputs.


We immediately loved that design, her face was already spot on and Sergi managed to capture what we wanted. That concept also made us take the decision to ditch the helmet. We wanted players to be able to relate to Jack, covering her face was not a good idea to achieve that. This decision also impacted the design of the ship’s cabin. Instead of going for a typical jet fighter cockpit design we went for a more open design similar to Star Trek bridge but in smaller size.


Lens flares!

The next step was creating Jack’s suit. We wanted something functional and that would be realistic. That of course meant that going for a bikini armor kind of suit was out of the question. Jack is a space pilot so a light fabric suit could be an option. However, she’s also a fighter and a more armored outfit would be necessary. In the end a trade-off was the solution.



That concept triggered a (heated) discussion in the team about Jack’s hair and suit colors. And this happened.


After a lot of debate, we couldn’t decide between black hair or red hair so we went for a mix of both and the suit with neon green lights. Sergi worked on several poses for Jack to be used in the promo art of the game. Based on all of that and with a lot of research of other female characters we went for a pose similar to the first one and inspired by the solo poster of Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The final design of Jack

So, how do you create a non-oversexualized female charactare being an all male dev team? It’s not that difficult actually, just create her thinking about a real human woman and design her in a realistic way.

PS: If you want to know more about Jack and Dimension Drive. We are now on Kickstarter.

Shoot’em up Twitch party + Starr Mazer TV!

/* Saturday 2nd May, non-stop stream from 9 PM CET (12 PDT) */

Hey folks!

How’re you doing? Knowing that you are having lots of fun now playing our alpha, we decided that it was also time for us to have some good ol’ shoot’em up fun! So, tomorrow starting at 9 PM CET (12 PDT) we’ll be LIVE on our twitch channel playing some cool shoot’em ups (including Dimension Drive of course). We plan to do a mix of old classics, new classics and some indie gems. Things like: R-Type, Tyrian, Ikaruga, Jamestown, Geometry Wars, Roche Fusion, Drifting Lands and maybe even some crazy Parodious just for laughs. If you have suggestions and we can get them on time we’ll also give them a go! Join us for a night of fun, action and pizza*!

But that’s not all, because when we close our non-stop streaming party we’ll actually continue the fun with our friends at Starr Mazer TV starting at 4 PM PDT (1 AM CET).


*Free pizza not included with Dimension Drive

Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion crossover!

/* 72 hour madness */


We hope you are enjoying that demo we posted yesterday! But news keep on coming. From this moment until Sunday at 09:30 AM CET (only 72 hours!) we have a super sweet partnership going on with our friends from Roche Fusion. Roche Fusion is a retro, over the top space shooter. An all you can shoot buffet; fast paced and procedurally generated; with crazy waves of enemies, awesome upgrades and wicked boss-fights! Also: Explosions. Lots of explosions. You can get it on Steam right now for 12 bucks or you can up your pledge by only 4€ and you’ll get a Steam key as soon as the Kickstarter is succesfully finished. That’s right, you can start playing it in less than 2 weeks!

How does this work:

1) Click the “Manage your pledge” button on the top of our Kickstarter page.

2) Increase your pledge by 4€

3) Save your pledge. Don’t change the tier that you originally pledged at.

Are you a NEW backer and also want a copy of Roche Fusion just back a the tier you want (15€ and above only) and add 4€ extra (only one Roche Fusion copy per backer).

But wait there’s more! Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion will actually crossover! Roche Fusion will get a Dimension Drive power up courtesy of Jack and you get it on day 1 for FREE! We’ll also add some of the cool Roche Fusion power-ups to Dimension Drive. Check it out!


Alpha DEMO online!

/* Play and break our game! */

Big news today! How about playing Dimension Drive, right now? Yeah! We know you can’t wait to get your hands in the game so we decided to release a very early alpha build for all of you to play. Pass it to your friends and send it around to everybody you know. And tell them to come back here and make this game a reality. We count on you guys!

Big boring disclaimer now: this is an early alpha build that only showcases some of the gameplay. It may have bugs, placeholders and tons of missing stuff. We promise it will not break your computer. We can’t promise the game won’t break though…

Story-driven gameplay

/* Data Cubes incoming */

Hi all!

We already told you that Dimension Drive is going to be a story-driven game and we’ve showed you some of the early material that will go into telling the Jack’s adventures. We don’t want to have the gameplay parts totally separate from the story. We want them to mix and intertwine and we have lots of ideas for that to happen. Today, we want to talk you about one of these ideas. Enter the Data Cubes!


Data Cubes are collectible items that you’ll find in the levels in the form of pickups. They’ll be located in hard to pick locations, so you better sharpen your teleportation skills if you want to get them!

You may be wondering how are these connected to the story and what is that map above, right?Data Cubes will give you extra pieces of story and background lore of Dimension Drive. They will range from images of certain game locations, to explanations on some of the technologies or races in the game. For example, want to know more about Jack’s dual blasters and how do they work? Look here:


“Jack’s dual blasters are based on the Vain military pistol. However, they have been heavily modified by VERA to work in conjunction with the Drive core in The Manticore. No need to carry any kind of ammo packs, these blasters harness the energy directly from the Drive core through a dimension portal. This allows Jack to fire them at will no matter how far she is from her ship. As long as The Manticore keeps the Drive core up and running, Jack can keep up the shooting making her a formidable foe.”

And that’s it for today, hope you like these small reveals of our work in progress. We’ll be announcing more about how the gameplay and story will work together in Dimension Drive.

One more time we take the opportunity to ask you to keep spreading the word to make this game, your game, a reality!

AMAZE yourself with the T-Shirt

/* T-SHIRT revealed and AMAZE showcase */

Hey folks!

How’re you doing, we’ve been having fun creating new levels and working on new mechanics for how to mix the gameplay parts and the comicbook (we’ll talk in depth about this in a future update). What we wanted to talk about today is THIS!


That’s the collector’s edition t-shirt in all it’s glory. Delfo went for a classic Star Wars poster style (you already knew we’re huge space fans). Are you in THE COLLECTOR tier or above? You’ll wear this proudly then! If you are close the THE COLLECTOR tier and can afford it, consider upgrading your pledge. We’ll love you forever and you’ll feel it…on your skin… with this amazing t-shirt!

But there are 2 t-shirts??? Yes, we’ll let you vote. Post in the comments, shout about it on twitter using #DimensionDrive tag and brag about the t-shirt you like the most. We’ll select the version that makes more noise!

The second thing we wanted to talk about is AMAZE. Do you happen to be around Berlin area in the next days? We’ll be there showcasing an early build of Dimension Drive from Wednesday to Saturday. Please come say hi, we’d love to meet you in person!

Dimension Drive music

/* Inside peak at the music behind Dimension Drive */

Hey everybody!

José here, music composer of Dimension Drive. For this update I’d like to talk a bit about the music you’ll be hearing when you play Dimension Drive.

After making a few tests and trying different styles we decided to go for an intense mix of electric guitars and synth sounds. As you can read from the project’s description, there are three types of levels in Dimension Drive: Shooting, Puzzle and Defense. For each type of level the music will be slightly different.

Shooting levels will have you in constant combat, the music will be mid-paced, intense enough to keep you pushing forward:

Puzzle levels will be less guitar oriented and will have a slower tempo. Since this type of level is more focused on timing your jumps, we decided to go for something a little less intense:

The fastest music will be reserved for Defense levels. In this type of level you have to destroy all enemies, resulting in a frantic paced gameplay!

In future posts I’ll talk more about the music, including one important area: Boss Fights!