100+ Backers and Live Streams

/* Thank you! You helped us cross the 100 backers!!! */
Hey folks,

We want to THANK YOU one more time! We crossed the 100 backer mark. You’re awesome!We are confident that with your help and support we’ll make it to our goal and Jack will be ready to fight the good fight against the Ashajuls! Remember to keep spreading the word, talk to anyone, post it on twitter and Facebook. In summary, proudly display that you’re a member of the Dimension Drive crew!

Talking about the Ashajuls, they keep coming to destroy our universe. Or putting it better, David was creating more levels and filling them up with those evil aliens. Why David!? Why!? Check our LIVE game development streams on youtube if you want to see him do his thing:

Finally, if you have any comment regarding the campaign or the game please share it with us. We love comments and feedback!

LIVE development announcement

/*2Awesome Twitch: Saturday (April 18th) –  19:00 CET */

Hey folks,

Hope you guys are enjoying the ride so far as much as we do. The first days in our campaign have been crazy and we are confident that with your help we’ll reach our goal. It’s a pity we can’t just jump in The Manticore and teleport ourselves to success, so we’ll have to do it the classic way. The buzz around the project has been very positive but we want to really show you guys that we are for real. That we can do this! So, starting this Saturday (April 18 -19:00 CET) we’re going to start developing LIVE on twitch for you. We hope you like this and you join us in this new adventure 🙂

Ok, ok, I know, stop talking and give me the link. There you go:



Second day on Kickstarter and Noaksey twitch stream

Hi guys,

Our second day on Kickstarter is finished and we crossed thanks to you the 4K barrier we’re slowly inching closer to our goal, but we still need a lot of help. So please keep spreading the word and don’t hesitate to recommend us what to do to improve our chances of success!
Yesterday night during #indiedevhour we joined @Noaksey in his twitch stream and we spent an hour of pure fun with him. For those of you who missed it, you can now see it on youtube, or just down here 🙂

/* 24h are gone …. */

Hi all,

First of all and most important,


We are overwhelmed that we have already reached more than 10% in less than 24h. You folks are amazing, thanks to all our early backers for believing in Dimension Drive !!!

In less than 24h and we have been already selected as staff pick from the kickstarter folks !!!

kickstarter front image

Just a quick reminder, we are also on Steam Greenlight, if you have a steam account and haven’t voted for us yet, please do !!!! 🙂



Once more, Thanks !!!!

The Dimension Drive Team

Sleepless nights, spaceships and Indie Game Magazine

Hi guys,

We’re getting really close to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign next Tuesday 14th. That means a lot of work in a very short time span, so we’ve had many sleepless nights but the results are paying off 🙂



We have been mainly working on adding as much as we can to the game: improved effects for bullet impacts, explosions with distortion effects, banking of enemies, switches and doors, boss fight, extra comic-book cut-scenes (just look how awesome The Manticore looks!), and finally the menu is now so nice you may even like to stay there (we hope you eventually hit “Play” ).

Also, the amazing Katrina from Indie Game Magazine did an interview where we discuss about spaceships, Aliens (as in the movies) and the relation to Jack. Check it out over here.



As usual, if you have any comment or question for any of us let us know!

Gamecrimes, Tyrian and Blattlestar Galactica

As you know we had the pleasure to participate to the Gamecrimes podcast. After the podcast we did a written interview where we discussed more in detail all the topics regarding Dimension Drive.

Go there and get all the fancy details:

Gamecrimes interview

If you are more into podcasts than written interviews hit the play button below:

For example, did you know that we started doing Dimension Drive just because I had been replaying the old Tyrian one afternoon?


Or that the teleportation mechanic is heavily inspired by us being crazy fans of Battlestar Galactica?

Dutch Comic Con recap

Hey folks, we had an amazing time showcasing Dimension Drive at Dutch Comic Con in preparation for our Kickstarter campaign launch on the 14th of April. The audience played the new build of the game non-stop during the weekend. Look, people queuing to play the game!



We got some really nice feedback. We also managed to get some friends in awesome outfits taking pictures with the game.





And we had a great time with with our neighbors from Sneaky Mammoth who were showcasing their game  Tic-Toc-Tower. “Tic-Toc-Tower is a Platform game set in a mysterious and ever-changing tower where you will never know what to expect next. You have to be quick! You only have 10 seconds to complete each challenge!” If that sounds cool you should really try it and you’ll see that it actually fails short to describe how crazy fun their game is. Go check it out on Steam and vote for it!



Finally, I was lucky not to be eaten alive :S



Story teaser is live

Hey all, we’ve just released a new story teaser. Will you like it? “I hope you do.”

Beta Wave Radio

Hey folks, tonight at 8PM CET (7PM GMT) we’ll be live at Beta Wave Radio. Tune in if you want to hear some more about Dimension Drive!