Dimension Drive doesn’t back out !

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Hi Folks,

First of all, thank you very much one more time !!! I know that we have already said it like 1000 times over the last few days, but I personally believe that we will never say it enough times to express how thankfully we feel around the team. You guys really have made us to feel that we were not alone in these dark moments.

Let us explain a bit how were our conversations with the Kickstarter guys. We had a call from them yesterday night letting us know that they were genuinely unhappy about all this situation. They couldn’t offer us an extension of the campaign but they encouraged us to re-launch again soon.

To be honest with you guys, our first reaction was “no way, we can’t go throw all this process again. Not after what happened at the last hours of our campaign”. The confidence was gone, we were exhausted after those 24h, mentally broken, … I can’t find the right words to describe it, but I think you can have an idea.

But as the hours were passing by, your support started to change our minds. You guys and your kind and warm words encouraging us to do this one more time. We couldn’t let this “troll” destroy our dream, the project we have been working so hard to make it real. We couldn’t let he/she/them win, not only for us, for any indiedev that could face something similar in the future.

On Monday we will re-launch our campaign. We are still working out the exact details but we will inform you during the week end. It hasn’t been an easy decision within the team, but we don’t want this “Johantan” defeat us, destroy our dream of developing Dimension Drive. That is why after these 2 days of healing we are back. We decided to stand up and say no, this is not right. As Jackelyne, our hero, would say … “we won’t back out !!!”.



Thanks for staying around and we will keep you updated during the week end.

The Dimension Drive team

PS: Sorry if we can’t keep up with all our emails / twitter / skype / … at the moment. We will try to get back to each of you to the best of our ability.

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