Dimension Drive Steam closed Alpha

/* Happy new year! */

Hi awesome people!

First of all, happy new year and our best wishes for you and your families for 2016! To make this holiday season even more awesome, if you backed our Kickstarter at the Drive Engineer tier or above you will receive next week an email with instructions to redeem your Dimension DriveSteam Key! If for any reason you don’t receive your key in the next days please contact us.

It would be fantastic if you can play Dimension Drive on Steam regularly as we push updates and give us any feedback you may have using Dimension Drive’s Steam forum. We want to make the best game we can together with you! You can see all the updates we have done at the end of this post in the Alpha build change-log.

/* Dimension Drive coming in 2016 */

While it is true that we originally planned to release Dimension Drive in 2015, Dimension Drive is now slated for a 2016 release. We already have a solid game but we feel we can do much better and much more. Unfortunately, for that we simply need more time.

Thanks to all of you and all the stretch goals  you helped us reach, Dimension Drive will be a bigger and better game than we planned. However, this extra features are taking us longer to implement. Besides that, there are other really exciting news that for the moment we can’t disclose that have also added more work.

We have just released early access to our alphas and betas through Steam to all backers that pledged for this. In few months we hope to provide access to the game to all backers.

/* Alpha build BIG change-log */



  • Teleport Intro before levels (see animation above)
  • Dialog system for cut-scenes
  • Pickups sound effects
  • Checkpoints sound effects
  • Bullet impacts sound effects
  • Menu elements sound effects
  • Manticore lateral and back thrusters effects
  • Bullet impacts effects
  • Enemies flash on impact
  • Support for more than 50 gamepads (see full list here)


  • Engine update to Unity 5.3.0
  • Complete rework of the scenes setup (better performance)
  • Manticore shield effect
  • Player bullets art and animation
  • More awesome


  • Solved issue “Cutscenes do not play after completing levels”
  • Solved issue “Game freezes! Black screen after level 1-4”
  • Solved issue “Checkpoint still possible to cross after dying”
  • Solved issue “Player bullets not despawned “
  • Solved issue “Level report doesn’t show”
  • Solved issue “Main menu only works at 1080p”
  • Solved issue “Mission report shows TDD text and wrong build num”
  • Solved issue “Player does NOT collide in 1-4”
  • Solved issue “Game freezes in blinds after level report”
  • Solved issue “Manticore Thrusters still work on player-respawn”
  • Solved issue “Menus, HUD and other UI elements not scaling”
  • Solved issue “Aiming enemies aim at you even if not in the same side”
  • Solved issue “Continue button does not show in Level report”
  • Solved issue “FlashOnImpact might not be working”
  • Solved issue “Continue bug in Pause menu”
  • Solved issue “Weapon power up does not work in level 1-3”
  • Solved issue “Pressing continue in Pause menu makes you teleport”
  • Solved issue “Getting killed in Inverse = respawn in Inverse”

Known issues:

  • Build crashes on certain Slackware Linux distros
  • Resolutions that are not 16:9 not working
  • Player movement speed reduced in slow computers
  • Text in window blinds does not scale with resolution

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