Indie Gameleon, Humble and Lasers!

/* Indie Gameleon 14th of September */

Hi all,

We know, we know… we promised to keep the update rate low but we got some news that couldn’t wait one more week. So, this is going to be a short update. David ( @dajimba ) has been invited to give a talk ┬ánext week at the Indie Gameleon festival that will take place from the 11th to the 15th of September in Hamburg. His talk will go over all the details of our 60 days in Kickstarter and he’ll also show the latest build of Dimension Drive obviously.

If you happen to be there or know somebody that may be there let us know, would be cool to meet and talk about all things Dimensional!

/* Pre-orders via Humble */

We have also another big important announcement. Some people asked us when we were running the Kickstarter to accept Paypal but we couldn’t at that time. Now, thanks to the fantastic people at Humble Bundle we have now open pre-orders via the Humble Widget. Help us spread the word, if somebody is interested in Dimension Drive they can now pre-order it directly here.

/* Development update */

So, how are things regarding the game development? They are going great, but we’ll leave that for a big update close to Tokyo Game Show. For the moment we leave you with a small bite of what’s coming. We hope you like… crazy lasers!

Now...let's add bullets!
Now…let’s add bullets!

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