Indievelopment 2016

/* 2 player co-op! */

Hello awesome people,

David here, last 23rd of May I had the opportunity to attend Indievelopment 2016. For those of you that don’t know Indievelopment it’s a game conference that is focused on indie developers, it has talks and a showcase area. I showcased Dimension Drive over there and I also gave a talk about Kickstarter based on our experience (I’ll write a post some time soon about that).

It was really nice as I got to see several indie developers from the Netherlands that I hadn’t seen for quite some time. The awesome Hans Dunnik from Sneaky Mammoth gave me a hand manning the booth, thanks for that!


The awesome Hans Dunnik

This was the first time we tested 2 player co-op and it was great to see players reacting to it. Long story short, we took a very risky approach with its design and we weren’t sure if it was going to work or not. But, it worked, and people loved it! As we are making players really cooperate (if one of them dies the whole team dies) we see a lot of talk and rage between friends when one of them fails 😛

Man, don't die!

Man, don’t die!


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