Inverse Drive!

/* What did we do this weekend? New mechanic! */

Why do spaceships always fly forward? Doesn’t make too much sense… so we went ahead and we fixed it this last weekend. When you progress in the game you’ll be able to unlock a new ability for The Manticore, the Inverse Drive! Imagine you are flying about, looking cool shooting down some pesky Ashajuls, but you missed some. They are flying away, and suddenly you hit a button, The Manticore turns around, the thrusters slow down and you can shoot them down and chase them! Look how it looks in this early video:

We streamed the whole process of creation of this new mechanic on our Twitch. But in case you missed it, we have it now on youtube. Check this long playlist for a full weekend of of LIVE development. We did game design, coding and we had lots of fun with everybody that joined us. Alejandro even shared some jokes, check it out:

We are entering the last hours and we crossed already the 50% funding even if it is a reason to celebrate it might have arrived a bit late. We don’t lose hope yet, as we deeply beleive that is still possible to give Dimension Drive the funding it deserves. Please keep supporting us and spreading the word in these final days. We may still make it if we all make enough noise. Thanks for believing in Dimension Drive!!!

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