Last 48 hours… Starr Mazer Cross-over!

/* Brick comes to the rescue…sort of… */

Hi folks!

In a little while we will enter the last 48 hours of craziness and we still need a ton of help to reach those stretch goals. Shut up and tell me about that image above, right? Let’s do that! Some of you have been asking for this and some hints here and there appeared on twitter but we can finally confirm it’s happening. Dimension Drive and Starr Mazer will cross-over!

Jack’s been flying too close to an inter-dimensional nexus trying to defend it and avoid that the Ashajuls cross it in huge numbers. But around these universal anomalies anything can happen. In some weird way Jack and Brick and interconnected through the nexus and they are swapping places. What’s Brick doing piloting The Manticore? Now, Jack is in The Starr Wolf? Did she grab it at the Holloway-Exeter station? This is a hairy situation and our heroes will have to join forces.Play as Jack, play as Brick, pilot both ships…in a single level! Will V.E.R.A. vent Brick into space for being too much… you know… Brick?

And that’s not everything… check out what will happen to Jack and Brick on the other side… you know in Starr Mazer! Who wants some point-and-click with Jack and Brick doing some spacey things, together!?


/* Shout to the heavens (in all dimensions) in these last hours */

Hope you like this news, now more than ever please help us spread the word in these last ours. Some ways you can help us reach those stretch goals:

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