Moving forward with Dimension Drive

/* What now after Kickstarter? */

Hello everyone !!!

we have been a bit busy over the last few weeks after our Kickstarter campaign ended.  Getting the final list of backers from the Kickstarter guys is not so quick (we just got it last Wednesday as they have to process all payments ).

We also have been working in a development plan within all the team members, so we know more or less the road-map for the next months. As soon as we have it finalized we would love to share with you, so you all are aware on our next steps, and when you will be able to play new versions of Dimension Drive :).

For those of you with beta access, we are probably going to start releasing the closed alpha / beta builds after the Gamescom conference, next August. Our idea is to keep open alpha builds for everyone till then. After that we will go for a close “early” access method till launch date. We will keep you posted on how we will distribute it (and give you keys, if we decide to go with Steam early access for example). We are still sorting out things¬†on this subject.

Kickstarter rewards

Starting this week we will start sending out emails in order to get the information needed to provide you with your rewards :). We are trying to set up a small web site where you will be able to choose things like the name you want to appear in the credits, the address you want us to send the physical rewards (in case is needed) and … well everything in order to get you sorted out.

– For those of you that got the RocheFusion deal, we will try to provide you with the steam keys as soon as possible (hopefully even before the website is online).

Build 644 (Gamelab)

We just released a new build (644) at Gamejolt . This is the one we used at the last Gamelab in Barcelona. It has a few changes, like the control system, now the inverse drive button is hold & release ( inverse – normal ). We also fixed some bugs, and improved a bit the graphical detail.

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