Post Tokio Game Show

/* Hello everyone!!! */

We have been a bit quite since our last update before going to Tokio Game Show. September has been a crazy month for the team, with tons of new content, bug fixing, and of course showcasing at the other side of the world :). @aeonphyxius will post some pictures in a blog update (at our web) about #TGS sometime next week :). But before that, below a picture of our stand there:

Dimension Drive at Tokio Game Show
Dimension Drive at Tokio Game Show

/* Madrid Games Week */

After coming back from Tokyo we started straight away to work in some bug fixing in order to make a new build of Dimension Drive to be showcased at Madrid Games Week. Ouyeah you read that correctly, we are going to be in #MGW. Starting later today :P, 1st of October till next Sunday, 4th of October we will be showcasing at the @gamelab area. If you happen to be around, please pass by our stand and say hello to @aeonphyxius. Mention to him that you are a backer … he is bringing some goodies for you. 🙂

Madrid Games Week 2015
Madrid Games Week 2015

/* Last public Alpha build */

Last but not least important, we will release a new alpha build after #MGW2015. Since our last public alpha (after Gamescom) we have been working really hard to add more content, fix some bugs and add some suggestions you have sent us (we are taking note of all your feedback and requests, but some of them we still didn’t have time to implement them) Please note that this new public alpha will be the last one we will be releasing public before going to close alpha in Steam. As soon as we have everything ready in Steam we will send your keys (to all backers with early access). We have decided to move already to steam in order to make all the update process more transparent for everyone (more on that once we are in Steam). In case you are a backer with early access but you prefer not to use Steam, please let us know.

/* Landing and time to go to sleep 😛 */

Well,I think my plane is going to be landing soon, so this is all for now. Hope to see some of you these days in Madrid Games Week, otherwise we hope you will like the new alpha build (will be available in Game jolt probably sometime next week).

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