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Dimension Drive Steam closed Alpha

/* Happy new year! */ Hi awesome people! First of all, happy new year and our best wishes for you and your families for 2016! To make this holiday season even more awesome, if you backed our Kickstarter at the Drive Engineer tier or above you will receive next week an email with instructions to… Read more »

Defense prototype, Sound Fx and better cut-scenes

/* Defend the multiverse! */ Hi all, We are getting really close to start distributing closed alphas through Steam. We have actually started testing this internally first. We will let you know in the next update when the keys are starting to be sent. But before getting to that we wanted to give a very… Read more »

Madrid Games Week 2015

At the beginning of October we went to show Dimension Drive at Madrid Games Week. As a Dutch-Spanish indie development studio we decided that was a good idea to go there and show the game to our Spanish players / backers. And also meet a lot of other indie studios (and some really cool guys… Read more »

Madrid Games Week 2015 contest winners

/* You win! */ We normally write posts in English but as this contest happened in Spain and the winners were Spaniards (duh!) we’ll write it in Spanish. If you are interested in knowing what went down (tl,dr version): we did a contest each day of the Madrid Games Week, the highest score of the… Read more »

Post Tokio Game Show

/* Hello everyone!!! */ We have been a bit quite since our last update before going to Tokio Game Show. September has been a crazy month for the team, with tons of new content, bug fixing, and of course showcasing at the other side of the world :). @aeonphyxius will post some pictures in a… Read more »

Dimension Drive doesn’t back out !

/* Next steps */ Hi Folks, First of all, thank you very much one more time !!! I know that we have already said it like 1000 times over the last few days, but I personally believe that we will never say it enough times to express how thankfully we feel around the team. You guys really… Read more »

What happened in the last hours of our campaign

Hi folks, First of all, before explaining what exactly happened, please allow me to THANK YOU all. The support we received over the last 24h really has helped the team to cheer up after all what happened yesterday night. I personally need to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. We are really… Read more »

Inverse Drive!

/* What did we do this weekend? New mechanic! */ Why do spaceships always fly forward? Doesn’t make too much sense… so we went ahead and we fixed it this last weekend. When you progress in the game you’ll be able to unlock a new ability for The Manticore, the Inverse Drive! Imagine you are… Read more »

Drifting Lands Crossover!

Hi folks, We know you liked that Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion crossed over (by the way you can still get Roche Fusion for only 8€ extra). So, we are doing it again this time with the cool guys atAlkemi and their incredible Drifting Lands. Drifting Lands is an hybrid shmup / hack & slash currently in… Read more »

Boss music and more streams!

/* Shoot the core while enjoying this */ Hey there, Jose here again to talk a bit more about music! As I promised on my previous post, I’d like to talk a bit about the music for the boss fights, because every boss needs an epic music right? For the boss fight music, besides trying… Read more »