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Creating a Jack

There’s been a lot of talk recently around the role of women in games and in the industry. Some have criticized the lack of female characters or the portrayal of these characters in videogames, Anita Sarkeesian being probably the most vocal and visible one. Questions like: why are female characters more often than not depicted… Read more »

Shoot’em up Twitch party + Starr Mazer TV!

/* Saturday 2nd May, non-stop stream from 9 PM CET (12 PDT) */ Hey folks! How’re you doing? Knowing that you are having lots of fun now playing our alpha, we decided that it was also time for us to have some good ol’ shoot’em up fun! So, tomorrow starting at 9 PM CET (12… Read more »

Dimension Drive and Roche Fusion crossover!

/* 72 hour madness */ Hello! We hope you are enjoying that demo we posted yesterday! But news keep on coming. From this moment until Sunday at 09:30 AM CET (only 72 hours!) we have a super sweet partnership going on with our friends from Roche Fusion. Roche Fusion is a retro, over the top space… Read more »

Alpha DEMO online!

/* Play and break our game! */ Big news today! How about playing Dimension Drive, right now? Yeah! We know you can’t wait to get your hands in the game so we decided to release a very early alpha build for all of you to play. Pass it to your friends and send it around… Read more »

AMAZE yourself with the T-Shirt

/* T-SHIRT revealed and AMAZE showcase */ Hey folks! How’re you doing, we’ve been having fun creating new levels and working on new mechanics for how to mix the gameplay parts and the comicbook (we’ll talk in depth about this in a future update). What we wanted to talk about today is THIS!   That’s the… Read more »

Dimension Drive music

/* Inside peak at the music behind Dimension Drive */ Hey everybody! José here, music composer of Dimension Drive. For this update I’d like to talk a bit about the music you’ll be hearing when you play Dimension Drive. After making a few tests and trying different styles we decided to go for an intense… Read more »

100+ Backers and Live Streams

/* Thank you! You helped us cross the 100 backers!!! */ Hey folks, We want to THANK YOU one more time! We crossed the 100 backer mark. You’re awesome!We are confident that with your help and support we’ll make it to our goal and Jack will be ready to fight the good fight against the… Read more »

LIVE development announcement

/*2Awesome Twitch: Saturday (April 18th) –  19:00 CET */ Hey folks, Hope you guys are enjoying the ride so far as much as we do. The first days in our campaign have been crazy and we are confident that with your help we’ll reach our goal. It’s a pity we can’t just jump in The Manticore… Read more »

/* 24h are gone …. */

Hi all, First of all and most important, THANKS TO YOU ALL !!!! We are overwhelmed that we have already reached more than 10% in less than 24h. You folks are amazing, thanks to all our early backers for believing in Dimension Drive !!! In less than 24h and we have been already selected as… Read more »

Sleepless nights, spaceships and Indie Game Magazine

Hi guys, We’re getting really close to the launch of our Kickstarter campaign next Tuesday 14th. That means a lot of work in a very short time span, so we’ve had many sleepless nights but the results are paying off 🙂   We have been mainly working on adding as much as we can to… Read more »