David Jimenez – @dajimba

Designer/Coder/The Punisher

David does programming, business development, PR, and is the Game Designer of the team. Together with Alejandro he’s one of the co-founders of 2Awesome Studio. Dimension Drive is his dream game and whenever he’s not playing with his little son, he’s thinking about new gameplay and story ideas. He’s the one taking care of planning and team organization (a.k.a The Punisher).


Alejandro Santiago – @aeonphyxius

Lead Programmer/Iron Man

Alejandro runs Iron Mans (3.8kms swim + 180 kms bike + 42 kms run…. yes, all in one go!). Marathons are not enough for him. He does programming in the same way, hardcore style! He is always dreaming with pointers, code performance, garbage collectors and all types of nonsense.
For 14 years ( the last 8 in the aerospace industry ) he’s been building software. He developed his first game when he was only 13 (yes, there were computers at that time).
P.S. The only real programming language is C++


Max Heyder – @MaxHeyderArt

Lead Artist

Max is gathering all the pixels and polys he could find to create the new art style for Dimension Drive. Designing the spaceships and environments from concept to the final asset. Bringing unseen worlds from outer space right into your game where it belongs!


Munise Sertel – @munisesertel

Concept Artist & Illustration

Munise started to draw from an early age and still enjoys it. During her studies she learned all about 3D creation for games and worked on titles such as Overwatch and Halo 5 with concept support and 3D assets. Since the end of 2015 she decided to freelance. She gives the game’s narrative a face by illustrating the characters and stories of the Dimension Drive Universe.


Delfo Gabriele Pinto – @Pinteezy

2d Artist/Creature of the night

Delfo has been sharpening pencils and reducing the global tree population since he was a wee little lad. After years of pondering what to do with his art & love for videogames the most logical step was to mix the two and meddle in game development. Dimension Drive is the perfect opportunity to hone his skills and build up experience making spiffy game art for the masses.
P.S. DON’T feed him after midnight!


Stanislav Botev – @swetq_Stanislav

GUI design and animation

Stanislav is making the most visible and constantly in-your-face art invisible.
It is not easy to make something so good that you actually don’t mind looking at while blowing some spaceships. All the time.


José Mora-Jiménez – @jmorajimenez

Music Composer

José is a composer who divides his time between writing music for video games and writing concert music that gets played around the world.
He will be in charge of making music that will pump you up while you destroy all the Ashajuls.


Daniel Polman – @d_polman

Music Composer/Sound Effects/Video Edition

Daniel is a composer working on a lot off emotive and supportive music.
Daniel part is to write music that will immerse you into the game. Those amazing cut-scenes need some music, right? Also his sound effects will make you want to destroy Ashajuls even more!


Gavin Mills – @EpiphanyG

Web Developer

Gavin is the web developer who was so busy coding this site he didn’t have time to write a witty description of himself!


Sergi Cardo – @sergi_cardo

Concept / Illustration artist / Jazz lover

Sergi likes drawing and painting while listening to film soundtracks, electronic music and jazz at late night.