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Thank you. Wow. Just…thanks. We can’t express correctly how we feel right now. We had a dream, just a dream when everything started more than 4 years ago with Alejandro and David playing old shoot’em ups in a rainy weekend (we are in The Netherlands, so this happens a lot :P). It took us a while to come from a first prototype in XNA ( for Xbox Live Inde Games), to a funded Kickstater with a full team of designers, musicians, … an AWESOME team. At some point in between, we realized that we couldn’t continue on our own. Then we decided to share our dream with all of you, to ask for help, YOUR help. And you gave it to us, taking your own money away from anything else, to support our dream. But not only that, you reached out asking others to participate in this dream. And it’s finally happening. It might have been 1-2 months for you, but it has been some years for David and Alejandro. Our most sincere and deepest THANK YOU.  We couldn’t have run 2 Kickstarter campaigns back to back without your help and support (specially after what happened at the end of the firs one). But finally now we can say (with no last minute surprises) …that  we are funded, but not only that, we even reached some really nice stretch goals. The 2 player mode has us really excited !!!

So, what’s next? We are going to get back to work right away (actually we never stopped). If you remember next week Alejandro will be showcasing at Gamelab in Barcelona. In August Alejandro and David will be at the Cologne GamesCon within the Holland Pavilion.  If you’re going to be at any of those events, hit us up through twitter or e-mail so we can hang out! We know that 1194 of you are already super stoked for this game. But we want to continue spreading the word about Dimension Drive. Besides, the team hasn’t given up on PS4 (and other consoles) yet. There are ways to still make it happen. Stay tuned to find out how to help.

We’ll be updating you on our usual channels (we promise to lower the amount of updates, some people mentioned that it was even too much 😛 ): Devlog, Kickstarter Updates, Twitter,Facebook, Youtube and Twitch.

Please follow along and let’s stay in contact!

One more time, thanks to you all!

The Dimension Drive team

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