/ * INFINITE Live stream party – Drifting Lands is back! */

Hi all,

We enter our last 24 hours in just a little while and we want to end this campaign going all sorts of crazy (the good sort of crazy though). Tomorrow we are going to do a special LIVE stream that will last more than 12 hours! Game art, coding, indie developer guests (Herald, Wildfire,Tic-Toc-Tower), shoot’em up party and many more! Tune in to our Twitch channel starting at 1 PM CET and finish this campaign on a high note, all together!

Check out the schedule!

/* Approaching Drifting Lands planet */

Some of you asked about this, are you crossing over with Drifting Lands? YES! We are doing it again with the cool guys at Alkemi and their incredible Drifting Lands. Drifting Lands is an hybrid shmup / hack & slash currently in a free alpha stage available on Steam. In her multidimensional quest Jack will chase those pesky Ashajuls into the Drifting Lands planet!

Drifting Lands takes place in the skies of a shattered planet. Centuries ago a huge cataclysm fragmented and froze this world in a state of partial disintegration. Powerful and mysterious gravitational anomalies keep the huge chunks of rock from drifting away in space or collapsing into a single body. And now Jack will have to manouver and teleport through all those huge and unstable chunks of rock while obliterating Ashajuls every Ashajul on her path!

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