What happened in the last hours of our campaign

Hi folks,

First of all, before explaining what exactly happened, please allow me to THANK YOU all. The support we received over the last 24h really has helped the team to cheer up after all what happened yesterday night. I personally need to say, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

We are really sorry that it took us so long to give you an official statement of what went down yesterday during our end of campaign. As you know we were live streaming the end of our Kickstarter. At some point we got a pledge of 7000 euros, the exact amount needed to reach our goal. As you can imagine we partied,  shouted  in social media, congrats were in order.

All that disappeared 30 minutes (more or less) before the end of the campaign. The Kickstarter guys sent us an email informing us that the pledge was fraudulent and that they had to remove it. Meaning that we were not funded anymore. Apparently, the user that pledged was a troll that wanted to play a really bad joke on us ( and some other Kickstarter projects ).

Honestly speaking it has been a extremely exhausting month for us. We have been working really hard to make our campaign a success. The last hours have been a rollercoaster for the whole team and the supporters(especially those that saw all of that livestreaming). To see that the glimpse of hope was taken away was a shock, and one of the worst experiences I had as a indie developer (is the worst with no doubt).

It has also been an exhausting 24h since all of this happened. We hope you will understand that we are still in shock and we need a good night sleep  before we decide how we will continue (probably tomorrow we will announce some news).

Below the link to our twitch stream when we though we were funded, so you can better understand how do we feel right now.

For sure we won’t let this end this way!!!

Exact moment when we received the 7k pledge

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